– Jack & Jill comps: 10 euro per person
– Strictly comps: 20 euro per couple
– Payment only possible in cash at the venue
– The masters J&J competition will only take place if we receive more than 10 online registrations (minimum of 5 leaders and 5 followers)

To register for the DOWCS 2019 competitions please fill in this registration form:

Below you find the results of the competitions held at the Dutch Open WCS 2018

Results Strictly competitions
Strictly Novice/ Intermediate Free passes to:
1st Lucio Ughi & Noemie Malet Riga Summer Festival
2nd Gerald Imbratta & Laura Wenger European WCS allstar champs
3rd Mark Miller & Marion Chesneau Tipica Swing Festival
Strictly Advanced/ Allstar Free passes to:
1st Sven Allegaert & Charlotte Mennetrey Swingcouver
2nd Miquel Menendez & Gina Rölike Autumn Swing Challenge
3rd Jeremy Legendre & Camille Fumanal Citadel Swing
Results Jack & Jill competitions  
WSDC Newcomer J&J Free passes to:
1st John Troost & Isabelle Marlen Amundsen UK & EU WCS champs
2nd Sebastiaan Arends & Elise Clement Municorn Swing
3rd Sebastiaan Arends & Gwendolyn Beckmann Tipica Swing Festival
WSDC Novice J&J Free passes to:
1st Denis Detraux & Andreia Ghimis Hungarian Open WCS
2nd Paul Pronk & Heidi Wagner Swing it like it’s Hot
3rd Bernhard Jahn & Louise Johansen Westie’s Angels
WSDC Intermediate J&J Free passes to:
1st Thomas Wagner & Janina Stock WCS Festival Dusseldorf
2nd Lucio Ughi & Noemie Malet Westy Nantes
3rd Gerald Imbratta & Laura Wenger Dutch Open WCS
WSDC Advanced J&J Free passes to:
1st Miquel Menendez & Gina Rölike Bavarian Open WCS
2nd Markus Scherer & Charlotte Mennetrey Midland Swing Open
3rd Sven Allegaert & Agnès Palat 5280 Westival
WSDC Allstar J&J Free passes to:
1st Alexandre Peducasse & Naomi Hulbert German Open WCS
2nd Tommasso Piemontese & Giulia Kohlrusch London Swingvitational
3rd Thomas Bachmann & Barbara Oliva – Lanza Sea to Sky dance
Sophisticated J&J Free passes to:
1st Marc Heldt & Annalisa Scarale Neverland Swing
2nd Gerald Imbratta & Stephanie Bruwier Anchor Swing Festival
3rd Bernhard Jahn & Caroline Amblard Tipica Swing Festival