More dj´s will be added to this line/up!

Filipe de Barros (UK)

Filipe loves playing music to inspire people to hit the dance floor! He has DJayed on the west coast swing circuit for several years with many events under his belt including European Swing Challenge (UK), London SwingVitational (UK), New Year’s Swing Fling (UK), Westie Bootcamp (UK), UK South Swing (UK), JamCafe (London), West Coast Amnesia (London), SwoukCity (Amsterdam) and Dutch Open West Coast Swing in 2017. Filipe is from the UK with Portuguese parents and runs Electric Dance Studio.


Manoah Bernabela (NL)

Manoah loves to watch people enjoy themselves on the dancefloor. Wether it’s a Latin or west coast swing party, he knows how to keep his audience engaged and energized. He gets ample opportunity to improve his Dj skills in his own studio, Dansschool Salsa Tipica, where weekly Latin and west coast swing socials are held.