Meet the organizors of the first Dutch Open West Coast Swing!

Manoah & Femke

Manoah and Femke Bernabela are professional salsa instructors who have their own dance company in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. For more than a decade now they’ve taught thousands of people to dance and enjoy salsa and other latin dances. A few years ago Troy Anthony who is a salsa and bachata teacher in the US, saw Manoah & Femke compete at a salsa competition in Curacao. He asked them if they also danced west coast swing. According to Troy, their smooth style and musicality resembled West Coast Swing dancing. At that time Manoah & Femke didn’t even know what West Coast Swing was! Troy encouraged them to look this dance up and start taking classes. It took them a couple of years before they eventually decided to start taking classes. Manoah & Femke started their west coast swing journey in 2012. They traveled to different congresses in France and Budapest and followed workshops of some of the best teachers around. They also took quite a few private classes from teachers such as Olivier Massart, Kyle Redd, Maxime Zzaoui, Torri Smith, Maxence Martin & Virginie and Michael & Catriona. In 5 years they’ve managed to make west coast swing grow not only in their own city but they’ve also helped increase the popularity of west coast swing all over Holland.

During this short time they’ve organized different WCS events inviting great teachers such as Michael Kielbasa & Catriona Wiles, Maxence & Virginie, Olivier & Virginie, Adam & Rita and more. Now they are determined to take west coast swing to the next level in Holland by organizing DOWCS! DOWCS will be an opportunity not only to help west coast swing grow in Holland but also to bring west coast swing dancers from all over the world to our unique country!

For more information about Manoah’s and Femke’s dance company look at Salsa Tipica


Nettie is the “anchor” of team Tipica. Femke’s mother has been the silent force behind all of Salsa Tipica’s endeavors helping out where neccesary. Nettie will be DOWCS’ hostess. If you have any questions during the weekend? Feel free to ask her!