Justin Petersen (UK)

This is my first time at the Dutch Open and I’m interested to see what flavour Holland brings to West Coast Swing world which is growing rapidly.  It’s good to be DJ’ing alongside a fellow UK dancer in Filipe De Barros and the incredibly passionate and fun John Troost.

I’ve done many things in this community and before it but I’m not going to list them here, just make sure you get on the floor when one of the DJ team are playing and support the hard work the organisers put into this event.

Filipe de Barros (UK)

Filipe loves playing music to inspire people to hit the dance floor! He has DJayed on the west coast swing circuit for several years with many events under his belt including European Swing Challenge (UK), London SwingVitational (UK), New Year’s Swing Fling (UK), Westie Bootcamp (UK), UK South Swing (UK), JamCafe (London), West Coast Amnesia (London), SwoukCity (Amsterdam) and Dutch Open West Coast Swing in 2017. Filipe recently moved to Lisbon where he teaches WCS classes and runs events:
West Coast Swing Lisbon.

DJ Little John (NL)

In the last few years John Troost has grown to become a popular Dj in the Dutch WCS scene. Being the resident Dj of Tipica gives him enough opportunity to experiment and fine tune his skills. He has played at events such as Tipica Swing Festival 2022 and Dutch Open 2019