Meet the 2024 teachers staff!

Markus & Tren (also confirmed for the WCS intensive),

Markus & Tren are one of the most dynamic, inspiring and fun loving couples! They are both Swing Dance Champions under the dance company StuckOnSwing. You may have seen one of Tren’s Iconic dance videos go viral on Facebook Youtube or TikTok. You may have seen Markus on Bet, So You Think You Can Dance or the movie Love N’ Dancing. Together they travel across the United States and internationally teaching, competing, judging, and performing at National Swing Dance events. They routinely place amongst the top 5 in the world of Swing Dance competitions and have shared their signature DC Hand Dance style with communities across the US and abroad. They are most passionate about bringing people together and sharing the gift of dance and music with the next generation.

KP & Bryn

“KP and Bryn began partnering in 2017 in Rising Star and have since become successful Classic competitors, placing in the top 5 at the Open Swing Dance Championships. They travel internationally to teach, judge, and perform, and are currently exploring a style of west coast swing that fuzes old school foundations with hip hop. “

to classical ballet which took her to great heights going through the University of Arizona School of Dance on full scholarship, and then dancing with River North Dance Chicago in Chicago, IL. In Chicago, she found her way back into WCS, and this eventually led her to California, which is where she currently resides. In 2016, Cameo was inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame and in June 2018, won a local Northern California Emmy for her work in BaseBallet II: Into the Game.  At age 34, Cameo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience not only related to WCS, but also dancing as a whole that is extremely valuable for WCS dancers to gain an understanding of to apply to their own bodies and movement.

Alex & Allen


Alexandra Branco Passionate about dance from a young age, Alexandra has been intensely practicing Country for over 10 years, during which she developed her signature footwork. Since then, she has traveled the world to train with the best professionals in the field at international WSDC events. The technical skills acquired over these many years, along with her passion for WCS, enabled her to reach the “All Star” status in just 2 years, the premier category in WCS competitions!

Allan Thivoz At the age of 14, Allan started West Coast Swing in Lyon under teachers who, a few years later, became the world’s best. Quickly becoming addicted to this dance turned passion, he participated in numerous national and then world events to improve his technical skills and teaching methods. It was by participating in international events and workshops by pros in the discipline that Allan reached the “All Star” level, a category recognized worldwide.

Alexandre & Christelle

Alexandre & Christelle teach in Geneva since 2012, in the Jang Widler’s school. They began with regular classes in Geneva, where they are still teaching. They have been teaching internationally since 2013 and are regularly requested in different WSDC and non-WSDC events.

They are known for their accessibility during social and also their pedagogy and detailed techniques.

Alexandre is the founder of Dance Profiling, « technique is important, but the most important is to find the right technique for each person, because we are all different ! ». With this approach you will know exactly how works your body and what are the differences with the others. Then Alexandre will give you the best technique just for your body !
He’s also teaching BioMecanic in golf and other sports and with shooters, Specials forces, etc…

Alexandre is also eligible to be Chief Judge at WSDC events.

They have been competing in the All-Star division since 2015 and are still competing.