Workshop levels

Level 2

You know the West Coast Swing basics such as sugar push, left side pass, under arm turn and whip. But you still don’t feel confident when social dancing. In addition to improve your basics, you want to learn more about creating connection, posture, body movement and fun basic variations.

Level 3

You can dance to different tempos. You can social dance with partners of different levels (beginners to advanced) without any problem. Your interest is in trying to find your own style, as well as to start being more musical, not only using the beat of the music, but every of its accents; You want to learn new variations, as well as new moves.

Level 4

You have solid basics, know the WCS fundamentals, footwork variations and various more complex patterns. You are comfortable social dancing with any partner. Timing is not a problem for you! You don’t hesitate to dance on fast tempos, but probably have connection problems sometimes. You also want to improve your style.

If you still are not sure for which level you should sign in, please write this in the comments box in the registration form. We will make sure to give you advise before attending your first workshop.