As we moved the Dutch Open WCS towards 2023 We now will offer you Tipica Swing Festival in the weekend the Dutch Open was planned!

Tipica Swing Festival Will be held from 30th of September till 2nd of October. This year TSF will feature Jakub Jakoubek & Emeline Rochefeuille and Alexandre Pucasse & Christelle 

For registration please mail Femke at director@dutchopenwcs.com

Just like our previous events you can expect 6 inspiring classes, 2 fun parties in a cozy atmosphere !

kub & Emeline (J’Em)

We met for the first time at Westie On The Promenade in 2015. Jakub was at that time an international Zouk pro, attending sporadically WCS events as a side hobby. We shared our first dances during that event but back then, the experience left us both unmoved ;p

During the year that followed, Jakub got more and more active in the WCS scene, earning him a dazzling development and success; while Em was increasingly involved in the professional sphere, slowly making her mind about becoming a full-time pro dancer.

In January 2016, we met again on the Budafest dance floor and shared a dance that left us both astounded this time… It felt like we were the perfect extension of the other’s body, mind and motion. 

Since then, our exchanges intensified and we got to know each other a bit more, meeting intermittently at festivals all around Europe. 

In June 2016, we got hired “coincidentally” together for a styling workshop weekend in Budapest, run by Adam and Rita, where we had to choreograph and teach together for the first time. At the end of the intensive, the students perceived our pair as an evidence and therefore, suggested that we should partner up…

We were pretty easy to convince… Em resigned her post in France, Jakub dropped out of University, and J’Em was born.

In January 2017 at Budafest, after performing our first collaborative team routine (watch here), Adam and Rita officially announced our partnership in front of one of the biggest crowds registered at WCS festivals so far. Since this announcement, everything went on very quickly.

We created immediately afterwards our first Routine piece, “Chandelier” (watch here) that received a powerful and moving reception worldwide; earning us a fully booked agenda around the globe. What was supposed to be a light collaboration became a full-time partnership. It was the start of our 2-year nomad life traveling and discovering the world hand in hand to share our passion for dancing.

Alexandre & christelle

Christelle and Alexandre teach in Geneva since 2012, in the Jang Widler’s school. They began with regular classes in Geneva, where they are still teaching.

               They have been teaching internationally since 2013 and are regularly requested in different WSDC and non-WSDC events.

They are known for their accessibility during social and also their pedagogy and detailed techniques.

Alexandre is the founder of Dance Profiling, « technique is important, but the most important is to find the right technique for each person, because we are all different ! ». With this approach you will know exactly how works your body and what are the differences with the others. Then Alexandre will give you the best technique just for your body ! 

He’s also teaching BioMecanic in golf and other sports and with shooters, Specials forces, etc…

     Alexandre is also eligible to be Chief Judge at WSDC events.

They have been competing in the All-Star division since 2015 and are still competing.

Passes registration

Full pass (6 workshops an 2 parties) €125,-

Saturday pass (4 workshops and Saturday party) €85,-

Friday party €10,- at the door

Saturday party €15,- at the door

LUNCH and DINNER is available at the venue .


Friday.  Room 1 (advanced)

21.00-22.00h. Alexandre & christelle

               Room 2 (intermediate)

21.00-22.00h. Jakub & Emeline

22.00-3.00 PARTY with dj’s Lil’John and Emeline

Saturday.  Room 1 (advanced)

11.00-12.00h. Alexandre & christelle

12.15-13.15h. Jakub & Emeline

                     Room 2 (intermediate)

11.00-12.00h. Jakub & Emeline

12.15-13.15h. Alexandre & christelle

13.15-15.30h. LUNCH BREAK and social dance

                Room 1 (advanced )

15.45-16.45h. Jakub & Emeline

               Room 2 (intermediate)

15.45-16.45h. Alexandre & Christelle

17.00-18.30h. DINNER  BREAK

20.00h. FUN JACK AND JILL!!!

22.00-3.00h. PARTY with dj’s Lil’John and Emeline

Sunday.    Room 1(advanced)

12.00-13.00h. Jakub & Emeline

13.15-14.15h. Alexandre & Christelle 

                    Room 2 (intermediate)

12.00-13.00h. Alexandre & Christelle 

13.15-14.15h. Jakub & Emeline 

14.15 LUNCH an social dance 


Hotels close to our venue:

Hotel Umberto

Graafseweg 699

6603 CE Wijchen.


Bastion  hotel Nijmegen

Neerboscheweg 614

6544 LL Nijmegen.



All workshops and parties will be held at Dansschool Salsa Tipica,

Meijhorst 6002 in nijmegen.